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Diese Übersichtsseite enthält die wichtigsten Informationen des Wettbewerbs UEM Qualifikation der Saison 17/ Es werden unter anderem die wertvollsten. In der Europa-Qualifikation sind die meisten Startplätze für die Endrunde der FIFA Fussball-Weltmeisterschaft Russland ™ zu vergeben, nämlich insgesamt. Mannschaft, Mannschaft, Mannschaft, Sp. S, U, N, Tore, Diff. Pkt. 1, Deutschland, Deutschland, GER, 2, 2, 0, 0, , 32, 4. 2, Polen, Polen, POL, 2, 1, 0, 1, Weiss man eigentlich schon, wer das spiel pfeiffen wird. Sollte ein Gruppensieger bereits für die EM qualifiziert sein, rückt das nächstbeste nicht qualifizierte Team nach, gegebenenfalls auch Mannschaften aus einer niedrigeren Division. Die Rückkehr der Dzsenifer Marozsan Insgesamt 32 Mitgliedsverbände hatten bis zum ersten Stichtag am Die Playoffs der Nations League werden jetzt innerhalb der Ligen ausgespielt. Es kommt, wie es kommt Wat fott es, es fott Was weg ist, ist weg. Sie befinden sich hier: Das gilt für drei weitere westliche Länder in Bezug auf Aserbaidschan. Aber ich freue mich auf ein packendes und hoffentlich gute 90 min.. Stellt euch vor die holen 12 Punkte Der ORF sicherte sich die Übertragunsgrechte sowohl für die Qualifikationsspiele mit österreichischer Beteiligung, als auch für die Endrunde der Euro Volunteers werden ab dem Sommer gesucht.

However, it is not suitable; it often fails at holding. E se alguno pure vol fare la gambarola, fazala cum forza e prestamente.

No[n] t[ame]n est aptus. Fallit na[m] s[a]epe tenentes. This is a finishing move and it is a good way to hold someone, because they cannot defend themselves.

For the counter, the one who is being held should move as quickly as he can over to a wall or a post and drive himself backwards against it so that the man holding him breaks his head or his back against the aforementioned wall or post.

By the joint, thought and mind, the capturing is called Outsider. In this way, at last, I will force you, gloomy one, to endure. Hac tande[m] facia[m] te dege[re] mestu[m].

This student strikes his opponent with a knee to the groin to gain advantage in order to throw him to the ground. To make the counter, when your opponent comes in quickly to strike you in the groin with his knee, seize his right leg under the knee with your right hand, and throw him to the ground.

If you seize me with both your arms underneath mine, I will strike with both my hands into your face. And even if you were well armored this would still make you let go.

The counter of this play is to place your right hand under the left elbow of your opponent and push hard upwards, and you will be able to free yourself.

I will redouble so many [] pains which your nose is suffering That I believe you will quickly release me [who am ] fighting with you. E si tu fossi ben armado cum questo zogho io saria lassado.

This shows how I make the counter to the thirteenth play [18]. As you can see his hands have been removed from my face.

And from this hold, if I fail to throw him to the ground I will be worthy of your disdain. I set up your limbs using a similar capturing and so we demonstrate.

Le soy mani del mio volto sono partide. Ceu rite vides, si lu[m]i[n]e c[er]nis. If you come to grips with both your arms underneath your opponent's, then you can attack his face as you see depicted, especially if his face is not protected.

You can also transition from here into the third play of grappling. And I drag many pains to you below your chin, So that I touch the farthest earth with the sorrowful kidneys.

Anchora puo' tu vegnire in lo terzo zogho de abrazare. Renibu[s] ut t[er]ram [con]tinga[m] t[ri]stib[us] imam. This is the counter to the fourteenth play [20], and to any other play where my opponent has his hands in my face while grappling with me.

If his face is unprotected, I push my thumbs into his eyes. If his face is protected, I push up under his elbow and quickly move to a presa or a ligadura.

Here, by this twin play, you press the face with the hand. But the counter, thenceforth, will injure the eye more greatly. Li dedi polisi io metto in l'ochi soi s'il volto suo i' truovo discoperto.

Contrariu[m] [sed] et hoc oculo magis[tris? See how with a short staff I hold you bound by your neck. And from here if I wish to throw you to the ground I will have little trouble doing so.

And if I choose to do worse to you I can keep this strong bind applied. And you will not be able to counter this play.

E llo contrario non mi porissi fare. Se non te meto in terra ayne bon merchato. If you were well armored then I would prefer to make this play against you than the previous one.

Now that I have caught you between your legs with the short staff, you are stuck riding it like a horse, but you won't be trapped like this long before I turn you upside down onto your back.

And it is in his honor that I make this cover with my short staff. And from here I will rise quickly to my feet and I will make the plays of my Master.

And this cover that I have made with a short staff can also be done with a hood. And the counter to this move is the same counter shown by my Master [in the dagger section].

E subito mi levo in pe', e fazo gli zoghi d'l mio magistro. And having made this cover I rise to my feet, and I can then make all of the plays of my Master.

And I could defend myself in this way equally well with a hood or a piece of rope. And the counter to this move is the same counter shown by my Master.

E fatta la coverta io in pe' mi drizzo e li zoghi del mio magistro posso fare e cum uno capuzo overo una corda te faria altretale. I am Full Iron Gate Single.

And I am good in armour and without armour, because I can ward off an attack with or without moving to grapple. And I can play with or without a dagger when I make my covers.

I am Full Iron Gate Doubled, and I am good in armour and without armour, but in all situations I am better in armour than without armour, and with a guard like this I cannot use a dagger.

I am Middle Iron Gate with dagger in hand and I am doubled, and I am better and more strong than any of the others, and I am good in armour and without armour, and I can cover low and high on either side.

And I am Full Iron Gate with the arms crossed and doubled. And I am like a mighty fortress, and in armour I am especially strong. But without armour I am not sufficient, because I cannot cover long.

And I am Middle Iron Gate doubled and crossed [with dagger]. And I am good in armour but not without armour, because I cannot cover long, but I can cover above and below, from the right and the left, with or without a dagger.

And since I finish my fight fiercely and quickly, there is no man who can stand against my method. Whoever witnesses my deeds of arms will see me make covers and thrusts as I move to grapple, and will see me take away the dagger by dislocating and binding arms, and against me neither weapons nor armour will be of any use.

And never fail to do one or the other of these five things; And may he who seeks to defend himself protect himself in this way. But below the elbow I cannot be sure that I can make this strike without danger, and therefore I am reluctant to strike lower.

And these are called the colpi mezani middle strikes. E sono chiamadi colpi mezani. E quelli colpi da reverso non se pon fare stando parechiado de fare coverta contra 'l suo nimigho.

And this strike is more safely made from the right side than made from the left side. And while striking you should at all times make cover with your left hand.

In my right hand I hold your dagger, and I gained it through my skill, which is so good that if you draw a dagger on me, I will take it from your hand.

And I know well how to strike to finish you, no matter what advantage you might have. Now sealed with the palm, thus I carry the safe dagger.

With my hands I would lift [the dagger] itself, all having been carried. Cu[m] manib[us] tolla[m] cu[nc]tis gesta[n]tib[us] ip[s]a[m].

I choose to symbolize my skill with the broken arms I carry. And I do not lie when I tell you that I have broken and dislocated many arms in my life.

And whoever chooses to go against my art, will find me always ready to use that art against him. Whereas I would overcome all which can war with me; Distinguished, I carry before me broken arms in [my] hands.

I am the Master of the unlocking and locking of the arms of those who choose to oppose me. I will cause them great pain and suffering with my techniques of binding and dislocating.

And therefore I carry these keys to signify the value of my art. Nailing together the arms of all fighting in the region In such a way that they would not be able to extend the safe right, Now happily I thus collect two keys in my hands.

You ask how it is that I have this man held under my feet. Thousands have suffered this fate because of my art of Abrazare. And I carry the victory palm in my right hand, because no one can stand up to my grappling skills.

You ask why I, boasting, ruined so great [a person] with [my] feet: Because by wrestling men of courage, I assert to lay them all low; Certainly the palm is extended to stand on our right.

I am the first master and I am called Remedy, because I know how to remedy so well that you cannot harm me whereas I on the contrary can strike you and hurt you.

And I cannot make a better play against you than to make your dagger go to the ground, by turning my hand to the left. The first master of the dagger, I am called caution itself; At any time, the left hand having been extended to lift the dagger away.

E asay altri zoghi io posso far in ueritade E li mie scholari li farano cum falsitade. Cumq[ue] manu leva p[re]tento tolle[re] dagam.

I will turn my dagger around your arm. And because of this counter you will not be able to take the dagger from me.

And also with this turn I can drive it into your chest without a doubt. Truly I sweep the dagger away around your shoulder. Not wasting that [attack], I would pulp you, miserable, in the chest.

E per questo contrario la daga tu non me lla avarai tolta. Nec p[ro]clens illa[m] miseru[m] te pecto[r]e tu[n]da[m]. I will lock your arm in the middle bind, and I will do it in such a way that you will not be able to give me any trouble.

And if I wish to put you to the ground I will do so with little effort, and you will have no chance of escaping. And behold your right [arm] confined under my left Shoulder.

Far too many misfortunes delay you, the imprisoned one. I make the counter to the play that came before me. You can see the kind of position that I have put him in.

I will break his arm or quickly throw him to the ground. It is permitted that you hold me pressed hard inward, the lower key having been retained [and] Then pressed hard, [which] will harm the shoulder.

Romperogli lo brazo e sbaterolo in terra tosto. This is a good cover from which to take the dagger from your hand, and with this grip I will be able to bind you well.

And this art is so effective that if I place my right hand under your right knee, then I will put you to the ground.

If I myself can now turn the shoulder using the hands, You, sad, will remain eternally in that middle key. I make the counter to the play that came before me, so that you will not be able to throw me to the ground, nor take the dagger from me, nor bind me either.

You will have to let go, or else you will be quickly stabbed by my dagger. You will not make [me] endure in the middle key. But now, By means of that my [] counter, it is convenient for you if you will yield to me.

And when the player is thrown to the ground, the student can finish him in various ways. For after beating aside the attack in this way, the scholar can then strike with a counter to the ribs or the stomach.

I am a counter to the First Dagger Remedy Master. Woe to he who remedies with techniques that allow his left hand to be seized.

And from this hold I will be able to drive the dagger into his back. It is neither labor nor pain to me to make a persistent bind, By which route now I will be able to injure you, And possibly I will strike your kidneys with a great wound.

Che male sa rimediare soy zoghi chi la sua mano stancha la lassa pigliare. Renes Et feriam fortasse tuos cu[m] vulne[re] grandj.

I am of the first king; you retain the dagger, openly I make the counter. This is well known [to] strike the shoulder. Patet hoc feriendo lacertum.

I am also the counter of the First Dagger Remedy Master, and when his student grips me like this [10], I will strike him, and make him let go.

And if he tries to do other plays against me, I will counter him without hesitation. I certainly keep the counter of the first master, And I will now prove this covering using many bad things.

Atq[ue] hac tectura mala nu[n]c q[uam] plura p[ro]babo. This flows from the counter referred to in the previous play.

But this still flows from the previous play, even though I choose to finish it differently. Using a counter to the former, which threatens many evils, I direct myself in these circumstances so that I would strike the associate with a deadly wound.

I am the student of the first Master of [Dagger] Remedies. And with this grip I seek to take your dagger and bind your arm, and since I do not believe that you know how to counter me, I will do this to you without delay.

These two images may show progressive stages of the technique. I am ready now to beat you, gloomy, into the ground. And if the counter would miss, I would do this to you readily.

Si lo chontrario mancha farotelo ben tosto. I counter you like this, so that you will neither take my dagger nor bind my arm, and my dagger and I will remain at liberty.

And then I will be able to strike you when you let go of me in such a way that you will have no defense.

Now I do this counter quickly; you see duly just as it were. The spirit becoming enflamed, I would then beat your limbs. P[er]cutia[m] flagrante[re] a[n]i[m]o tua me[m]vra d[e]inde.

This cover is known to be much stronger and I make it so as to be able to obstruct you with various plays.

And you cannot overcome such a strong cover, because two arms can easily oppose one arm. I cover myself using great bodily strength, as you see the movements.

I attack in this way before anyone can bring about anything. Ante mo[di]s quos quisq[ue] pot[uit] effice[re] tento. This is the counter to the cover that came before, that I told you was much stronger.

And I will turn him with my left hand. Having turned him, I will not fail to strike him. Dadagli la volta a ferirlo no mi mancha.

Tal[ite]r et voluam q[uam] post vulne[re] p[re]da[m] scilicet condam? With this excellent presa that I have made against you, I will not fail to break your arm over my left shoulder.

And afterwards I can strike you with your own dagger, since this play will not fail me. Because of how that master now brings about the taking, I believe you will not withdraw without shoulders having been broken.

I make this counter to you who in the previous play intended to break my arm over your shoulder. I will throw you to the ground to your death with great force and you will cause me no further injury.

I am in a good position to take the dagger from your hand, and to do it I push the point upwards, close to your elbow.

And you will lose it, and I will quickly strike you with it. I took the dagger in this way because I was not able to bend your arm.

I seize the dagger using a sudden violent whirling motion near the elbow; Yet before [that], I strongly turn the lower arms. I make the counter of the play that came before, so that you will not be able to take my dagger in that way.

I will press my dagger into your hand, to make you let go, and with the cruel point I will strike you for your trouble. In this way you will be driven into the ground, and you will not be able to make any defense or counter.

And I will quickly make the dagger that you hold in your hand go far from you, because of my skillful knowledge of this art.

It is not any work to me, laying you out fallen. You will not be able to rise free[ly] without a large wound. Surge[re] nec pot[er]is sine grandi vulne[re] lib[e]rj.

What you plan to do cannot always be done. I am the counter of the scholar who came before, and this counter will make him look very foolish, because in this way I will make him let go my leg.

And I will drive the dagger into his face to demonstrate that he is indeed a great fool. I play with my arms crossed, and can make all the remedies that were previously shown.

And if we were both armoured, you could not make a better cover. No other crowned [Dagger] Remedy Master makes a stronger cover than I, for I can play both to the right and to the left, and I can cross from both underneath and from above.

E si noy fossemo 'trambi doy armadi non curarem di far miglior coverta. I counter the [Dagger] Remedy Master who made the cross before me, so he will not be able to cause me any problems with his crossing.

I will give a push to his elbow to make him turn, and then I will quickly strike him. I believe that this very strong grapple is fatal to anyone, because I can break your arm, throw you to the ground, or take your dagger.

I can also hold you bound in the upper bind. And as a result of these four things, you will be unable to get away.

Anchora ti tegno tegno in la soprana ligadura ligado. E de queste quatro chose de mi non saray liberado. I know the counter to the previous play.

And with this grapple I will counter all four of the plays he said he could do before. And as soon as he sees me, I will throw him to the ground, for this grapple is strong and fierce.

Anche cum questo contrario in terra ti uoio butar. I certainly cover myself during wrestling using arms as in the cross.

And I can make sport with all the first rules. Om[ni]b[us] atq[ue] modis possu[m] collude[re] primis.

By this counter your covering is refuted; and behold: Neither the play of the reversed palm, nor the prior [plays] Accomplish.

Then you, miserable one, will die lying on your back. And the plays of my scholars will follow, And so we begin the defense to the backhand attack.

First I will do this to you, and then I will do worse to you. Here begin the plays of the reverse strikes, [] through which countless men have lost their lives.

And the plays of my scholars will follow, demonstrating the cover made with the right hand. This play depicted is easy to do, and in this way I will throw this man into the ground.

I believe you, treacherous one, will now indeed touch the earth. E li zoghi li mei scolari seguirano pur per la coverta qual io fazo cum la destra mano.

Et faciam peiora tibi dehinc ip[s]e scilicet ego jacentj. With this method you will be driven into the ground. And I could not make a safer throw, being armoured.

But even without armour, there is nothing you can do. And even if you were strong and powerful, I would still be able to do this to you.

You, incautious one, will touch the earth with [your] chest prostrated. This armor-wearer will more safely impart the play. Che anchora desarmado non mi poy far niente.

Armiger hu[n]c poterit securius adde[r]e ludu[m]. You will go to the ground and your arm will be dislocated by the skill of my crowned Master.

And there is not one counter that you can do to me, for I hold you like this…. Each is able to break the shoulder of the associate in wrestling, as I comprehend.

It will be pleasing to know whatever has been imparted. E nissun contrario non mi poy tu fare. This is a lock that has no counter and no defense.

And in this way I can take your dagger, and it will be no trouble to bind or dislocate your arm. You will not be able to get away without my permission.

And I can ruin your arm if I choose. He was able to dislocate [] the shoulder of any companion for himself, And sentence him to death with the point of the dagger.

E guastar ti posso a mia voluntade. Atq[ue] sua damnare necj cu[m] cuspide dag[a]e. You will lose your dagger by the way I hold you.

And after taking your dagger I can bind you. And whoever is put into this lock cannot escape, because of the great pain and suffering they will be forced to endure.

I now take hold of your dagger, nor can I be mistaken. E toltati la daga io ti posso ligare. Si q[uem] volo i[n] clavj pot[er]o te nect[er]e v[er]su[m].

And no one can escape from this bind. And if you are put into it, as depicted in the drawing, there you will remain enduring much pain and suffering.

The lower key is brought under the strong name; It is the bind of death by means of excessive distinction. If any enters into this, he will hardly prevail to escape this.

E chi gl'entra gli sta cum briga e cum stenta, segondo che si ved' ne la figura dipenta. Si quis i[n] hac intrat[,] vix hac exire valebit.

This is the counter to the Third Daga Remedy Master, who covers the reverse attack. Whether he is armoured or unarmoured, this bind is strong and secure.

And if I trap a man who is unarmoured in this way, I will ruin his hand and dislocate it. And the pain will be so great I will make him kneel at my feet.

And should I wish to strike him, this I can also do. I, the efficient counter of the master, during this wrestling Finish whomever by means of the reverse palm of the hand; And you will sink down on bended knee by means of this taking.

E se un disarmado piglio in questo modo, guastogli la mane e anchora la disnodo dislogo. Tuq[ue] hac captura p[ro]cumbes poplite flexo.

If I give a turn to your shoulder without releasing your arm, Then in this way I and my students will put you in great pain. From covers like this my students will hurt many….

From above and beneath, I am able to injure you with a weapon. Cum simile che questa gli mie scolari a molti farano offesa.

Desup[er] et subt[er] possu[m] te l[a]edere fer[r]o. I can take your dagger, while you cannot escape.

La daga ti posso tore e non ti po' partir. This is an upper bind that locks you up very well. I will take your dagger from you and throw you to the ground.

And I can also dislocate your arm. If however you grip your right hand with your left hand, then you can counter me and make me let go of you.

I am certainly prepared in order to cast you down into the earth. And I will give many evils to your head, if it remains because of courage. La daga ti posso tore e meterte in terra.

Anchora lo brazzo ti posso dislogare, si tu pigliassi cum la tua man stancha la tua dritta el mio contrario saria e convegneria ti lassare.

S'tu non te ronpi la testa ayni bon merchato. Et capiti mala multa dabo[,] si me[n]te sedebit. This is another upper bind that is very powerful.

And with this I am certain to throw you to the ground. And if I wish I can dislocate your arm. To counter me, you grip your right hand with your left hand.

Then your grip will be strong and mine will be weak. This movement is another to strike down the associate to the earth. Nevertheless, it is not safe because he attempts a similar playing.

E per metterte in terra io son ben certo. E dislogarte lo brazo o romperlo qual i' voglio ti fazo. De questo tente certo, mo non de leuar.

After I made the cover of my Master, I put my left hand under your right elbow. And my right hand quickly gripped you under your knee in such a way that I could throw you to the ground, and there was no counter that you could do to me.

Certainly in this way I can send you a second time To the ground. E la mia man dritta te prisi sotto lo zinochio subito per modo che in terra ti posso zitare e nissun contrario non mi porai fare.

Dehinc ip[s]e ego si tibi peiora p[rob]abo. With my right hand I will make a horizontal turn to your dagger, pushing it round close to your arm that I am holding.

And your dagger will be mine to control. And then I will deal with you as you deserve. If I raise your dagger upwards close to your elbow, I will keep it in my hand and strike you for certain.

But I will need to make this play very quickly, to make sure that you cannot counter me with your left hand. Now if I attempt to lift your elbow [and] very own dagger, You yourself certainly will see it has been suddenly freed.

And I counter all his plays that came before me. And if they are well armored the ruin of their hands will be all the more certain.

By this means I will now seek the opponent, using both palms [] In order to defend myself, just as the master does Who seizes the companion with both hands during wrestling.

Se elli fosseno ben armadi io gli guastaria senza dubito. Qui capit ambab[us] manib[us] luctando sodale[m].

And with the strike that I make against your elbow, I will quickly feel your arm dislocate. I am the Fifth Dagger Remedy Master who defends against the collar grab made by this player.

Before he can strike me with his dagger I destroy his arm like this, because the grip he has on me is actually to my advantage.

And I can do all of the covers, holds and binds of the other remedy masters and their students who came before me. And I say this from experience: You would grasp my chest.

Thus far you have not been able to wound me. I will, nevertheless, dislocate this, your shoulder, during wrestling.

Lo proverbio parla per esempio. Nec adhuc m[ihi] lede[re] posses. Denoclabo tuu[m] t[ame]n hunc luctando lacertu[m]. I would now strike close by your elbow.

You will then move past me, And I, the strong one, will unexpectedly attempt your dagger. E per venir in altri zoghi e prese, io questo zogho fazo.

Anchora digo che se fossi afferrado d'una lanza cum tal firir in lei overo che me disferraria overo che l'asta del ferro io partiria.

Atque validus daga[m] tentabo repente. This is another way to make you let go, and is also a better method of breaking off the head of a spear….

Lo contrario io lo voglio palentare???. I wish to tell you the counter. Either I will strike over the elbow, or near the fist, And in this place I will dislocate the wretched one.

Henceforth you will quit the entire chest. This play will make you let go of me. And in addition, if I advance my right foot behind your left foot, you will be thrown to the ground without fail.

And if this play is not enough, I will try others on your dagger, because my heart and my eyes are never focused anywhere other than upon taking away your dagger quickly and without delay.

I am able to safely believe that you will go into the ground now; Neither will your dagger be able to accomplish harming me.

Nec tua daga michi pote[r]it p[er]fecto noce[re]. I will throw you to the ground like this, before your dagger can get near me. And if your dagger comes down the center line to strike at me, I will release my grip and deal with your dagger, so that you will not be able to injure me in any way.

Then with the remedy plays I will make you suffer. I put to the test where I would at once lay you sharply on your back.

Salvo che si lo mio pe' dritto dredo lo tuo stancho io fazo avanzare tu porissi andar in terra senza fallo. Si te no[n] sterna[m] melio[r]e[m] forte p[er]abo.

This player had me grabbed by the collar, but before he could strike me with his dagger I quickly seized his left hand with my hands and pulled his arm over my shoulder so as to dislocate it, and then I completely dislocated it.

But this play is safer to do in armor than unarmored. I will not have been cheated of breaking the left shoulder; [] I am holding that which is loaded [] down on the right using the leg during wrestling.

Que[m] dextra teneo spatula luctando gravatu[m]. In this way I will hurl you to the ground without fail. And I will surely take your dagger. And if you are armored that may help you, since I will be aiming to take your life with your own dagger.

But even if we are armoured, this art will not fail me. And if you are unarmored and very quick, other plays can be made besides this one.

I hold you using this form, and I will catch the lamenting one; Now, with the leg, you will be strewn as deep into the earth as possible.

This cover is very good in armor or without armor. And against any strong man such a cover is good for covering an attack from below as well as from above.

And from this play you can enter into a middle bind as shown in the third play of the First Dagger Remedy Master.

Sed multis possu[m] te lede[re] ludis. I will however be able to do this more safely if I am armored. I could also do something else against you: If I can now twist your shoulder while fighting, I will readily cause [that] you will be overwhelmed in the lower key.

Ancho poria altro contra ti fare, se io tegno la mane stancha ferma e cum la dritta ti piglio sotto al zinochio la gamba stancha per metterte in terra forza non mi mancha.

With arms crossed I await you without fear. And I don't care whether you come at me from above or below, because however you come at me, you will be bound.

You will be locked either in the middle lock or the lower lock. And I will have no difficulty in taking your dagger. Tra' voy di sotto e voy di sopra che non fazzo niente cura, che per ogni modo che tu mi trara' tu sarai ligado.

O in la ligadura mezana o in la sottana tu saray serato. Ben che se volesse far la presa che fa lo quarto Re rimedio di daga cum gli zogi soi asai male te faria.

E a torti la daga non mi mancharia. This grip is sufficient to prevent you being able to touch me with your dagger. And from here I can do the play that comes after me.

And I could also certainly do other plays to you. I disregard the other plays for now, however, because this one is good for me and very fast.

Now because I am holding you using both hands during wrestling, I certainly would take hold of [your] dagger just as if you had truly deserved.

This is the play referred to by the student who came before me, and I take away this dagger as he indicated. And to disarm him I push his dagger downwards and to the right as written above.

And then by making a turn with his dagger I will thrust the point into his chest without fail. Now I teach taking the dagger away while wrestling the associate; This first student does not know how to play.

Hoc q[uam] discipulus nescivit lude[re] primus. And the farther I pull it towards me and bend it, the better, because in this way I make the counter to the Remedy Master of the close play of the dagger.

Whether in armor or without, I will gravely injure you, And when fighting at the barrier I truly love To vanquish everyone with these close plays.

I am the Sixth [Dagger Remedy] Master and I tell you that this cover is good either in armor or without armor. And with this cover I can cover attacks from all directions and enter into all of the holds and binds, and strike to finish, as the students who follow me will show.

And each of my students will make this cover, and then they will make the plays shown after, as they are qualified to do.

If we both lead while turning dagger in dagger, Either I would be armed [with both], or by chance we would be without weapons, And that movement is pleasing, provided that it would be a close play.

E cum tal coverta posso covrire in ogni parte, e intrare in tutte ligadure e far prese e ferire segondo che gli scolari miei vignirano a' ferire finire.

And as soon as I have made this grip I will be able to strike you. And because I position my left hand in this way, I will not fail to take away your dagger.

I can also put you in the middle bind, which is the third play [3] of the First Dagger Remedy Master. I could also make other plays against you, without abandoning my dagger.

E subito io fici questa presa per ferirte che far lo posso. E a torti la daga non mi mancha per tal modo tegno la mia man stancha.

Anchora d'altri zogi te poria fare senza mia daga abandonare. I have made this half turn from the cover of my Sixth Master and I have quickly positioned myself to strike you.

And even if you were armored I would care little, for in that case I would thrust this dagger in your face. However, as you can see, in this case I have thrust it into your chest because you are not armored and you do not know the close range game.

E si tu fossi armado pocha di ti faria cura, che questa daga te meteria in lo volto a misura. I have not abandoned the cover of my Sixth [Dagger Remedy] Master.

I turn my left arm over your right. And moving my right foot at the same time as my left arm I turn myself to the outside.

You are now partly bound, and you will have to admit that you will quickly lose your dagger. And I make this play so quickly that I have no concern or fear of your counter.

Lo mio brazzo stancho voltay per di sopra lo tuo dritto. Having made the cover of my Master, I made this grip.

And I can strike you whether you are armored or unarmored. Armado e disarmado ti posso ferire. E anchora ti posso metter in ligadura soprana del primo scolar del quarto Magistro rimedio di daga.

Your right hand will lose the dagger, and seeing that you have been reversed, my dagger will quickly strike you, and your dagger will be lost to you.

Also I can make a turn with my left arm and make you suffer in the lower lock. Although I am placed after the counter-remedy to the Sixth Master, I should logically be placed before him, because I am a student of the Sixth [Dagger Remedy] Master and my play belongs to him.

And this play makes more sense in armor than unarmored, because if he is armored I can strike him in the hand where he cannot fully protect himself; whereas if he is unarmored, I would aim to strike him in the face or in the chest, or in some other vulnerable place.

I make the counter-remedy of the Sixth King [Dagger Remedy Master], turning your body with an elbow push, and in this way I can strike you, because with this elbow push that I quickly do, I will be able to defend against many close plays.

And this is a particularly good counter-remedy to the all of the holds of the close-range game. And this cover is better made when armored than unarmored.

The plays that I can do from this cover are the plays that came before me, especially the middle bind which is the third play of the first Dagger Remedy Master.

Also I can turn you by pushing your right elbow with my left hand. And I can strike you quickly in the head or in the shoulder….

I, well-fortified, make this cover in arms, And suddenly, I will enter [] into the middle key, which ends all Wars; neither is any strong against the conducting of war, Nor is any opposition able to oppose me.

E poy ferirte in la testa o in le spalle di subito. That movement certainly prevails over the dagger while held in the cross[ing], And on the other hand it can work above and beneath in armor.

This lower play openly goes to the outside Bind. The middle [bind] lies below, or perhaps [the] highest.

Vadit ad extrema[m] nexura[m] hic ludus ap[er]te Inferior. Mediana iacet sub forte sup[er]mo. This is the counter remedy to the plays of the Seventh [Dagger Remedy] Master who came before me.

With the push that I make to his right elbow, let me tell you that this counter-remedy is good against all close range plays of the dagger, the poleaxe, and the sword, whether in armor or unarmored.

And once I have pushed his elbow I should quickly strike him in the shoulder. And this cover is good both armored or unarmored. And some of my plays are shown before me, and some are shown after me….

In this way, I carry my dagger while fighting during the cross[ing]. Any defense Which the dagger offers does not oppose itself in the play, But I will be strong to lay waste in playing using many moves.

E li miei zogi sono posti alchuni denanzi alchuni di driedo. Anchora poria pigliar la sua mano in la zuntura cum la mia man stancha e cum la dritta lo poria ben ferire segondo che trovarete dredo di mi lo nono scolaro del nono Magistro che fere lo zugadore nel petto.

Sed multis ludendo mo[t]is vastare valebo. Similarly in this play I could strike downwards to his hand just as in the earlier play I struck upwards to his hand.

Also, I could seize his hand at the wrist with my left hand, and then strike him hard with my right hand, just as you will find demonstrated by the ninth student [] of the Ninth [Dagger Remedy] Master, who strikes the Zugadore in the chest.

Also, I could do the last play that follows after [] where I drop my own dagger and take his. Also, as I make him turn I can throw my arm around his neck and hurt him in a variety of possible ways.

And this play is made similarly to the play that immediately preceded me, but is begun in a slightly different way.

Take away the dagger, break, strike or bind. And the quickest is to take the dagger from your hand, so as to avoid any risk of harm from the player.

And this grip that I make from the low attack is similar to the grip made by the Fourth King [and Dagger Remedy Master], only this one is made against the low attack instead of the high attack, and my plays are not the same as his.

This grip is good whether in armor or unarmored, and from it you can make many good strong plays, as shown below.

Whether in armor or unarmored there is no doubt of their effectiveness. Ma gli miei zogi non si fano cum gli soi rigotta???.

E maximamente quelli che mi fano seguito. I have followed on from the presa of the Ninth [Dagger Remedy] Master.

Taking my right hand from the grip, I seize your dagger as shown and I rotate it upwards close to your elbow. And I will then thrust the point into your face for certain, or I will deal with you as the next student will demonstrate.

I complete the play of the student who came before me, and from his grip this is how he should finish his play. Other students will make different plays from his grip.

Watch those who follow, and you will see their techniques. The student will perhaps be able to make this play of that master [of yours], And would have snatched the powerful dagger away.

Ben che gl'altri soy scolari farano de tal presa altri zogi. Guardate dredo e vederete gli loro modi. My Master's grip has already been demonstrated.

Here my right hand leaves his grip. And if I grip you under your elbow, I can dislocate your arm.

I can truly dislocate your shoulder in this same way; Furthermore, I can lead to using the lower key. In lo Sesto zogho sono gli soi modi. I prepare to take away your life using the Lower bind, if by chance I can twist your shoulder.

Ben che la tua daga ben possa avere senza fadiga. I have not abandoned the grip of my Master [the Ninth Dagger Remedy Master], but I have quickly entered under his right arm, to dislocate it with this grip.

I can do this whether he is wearing armor or not, and once I have him held from behind and in my power, I will show him no mercy as I hurt him.

I crossed beneath the shoulder during play, And furthermore, I left behind the taking. But I will burden the back. Ancho subito intrai per sotto lo suo brazzo dritto per dislogargli quello cum tal presa.

O armado o desarmado questo gli faria. I did not abandon the grip of my Master [the Ninth Dagger Remedy Master] and the Zugadore saw that he could not break my grip on his arm.

And as he pressed downwards towards the ground with his dagger, I quickly reached through his legs from behind and grabbed his right hand with my left hand.

And once I had a good grip on his hand, I passed behind him. And as you can see in the picture, he cannot dismount his own arm without falling.

And I can now also do the play that follows me. If I let go of the dagger with my right hand, and I grab his foot I will send him crashing to the ground, and I cannot fail to take his dagger.

It is granted that this play could scarcely be learned by this art, Yet this one honestly succeeds by means of the practiced man. E luy se inchina cum la daga in verso terra.

E io subito pigliai la sua mano cum la mia mancha per enfra le soi gambe. E quando la sua mano hebbe ben afferada dredo de lu' passai. Although this play is not commonly performed in the art, I wish to show you that I have a complete knowledge of it.

And then I drew my dagger and thrust it into his chest. And if I do not have time to draw my dagger, I will make the play that follows me.

E cum la mia dagha gli fazo una punta in lo suo petto. I have already explained how this play is performed. Come one by one, that this play will not fail.

And my Scholar will show the proof: Doing it according to what you find depicted. Here begin sword against dagger plays, and you will have a significant advantage if you know how to do these.

Attack me one by one as you wish. None of you will escape as I destroy each of you with this turn of my dagger.

Here the sword and the dagger begin to play. The advantage is great to he who knows how to do it. The Master awaits in this guard with the dagger, and the guard is called Boar's Tusk.

Come cuts or thrusts, I know how to guard myself from these: I will withdraw my right foot as I deflect. Amei a receita e orei fazer para p meu marido ele ama sequilhos, sem falar que eu tmb amoooooo… Bgd pela receita….

Gostaria de saber quanto tempo ele dura….. Vou trntar fazrt os sequilhis porque adoro. Eu fiz esta receita e ficou perfeita! Coloquei um tablete de manteiga Aviacao e 2 colheres sopa de Nata Frimesa e os demais ingredientes como descreve a receita Obrigada por compartilhar.

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Receita de sequilho aquele que derrete na boca. Patty Martins - www. Que tal para o fim da tarde? Biscoito Integral de Aveia e Amendoim. Eu e meus filhos amamos esta receita,facil.

Olha gostaria de saber se pode ser com fermento ou sem fermento o Trigo? Pode usar a margarina qualy? Pq nao tenho manteiga aqui. Delicia acabei de provar, obrigada pela receita!

Espero que suas vendas sejam um sucesso. O meu derreteu na assadeira. Ameiiiiiiiiiiii muitooo obrigada pela receita!!!

Posso fazer com cremogema ou arrozina??

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EM Quali 2018 Tisch/Stapf 2er Kunstradfahren Elite Wendlingen

qualli em -

Im April erfolgte der Beginn des Bewerbungsverfahrens. Die Mindestkapazitäten für die Stadien betrugen Juni Stadio Olimpico , Rom Endspiel Die Zuordnung der für das Achtelfinale qualifizierten Gruppendritten zu den vier vorher festgelegten Achtelfinalspielen mit Gruppendritten hängt davon ab, aus welchen Gruppen sich die Dritten qualifizieren. Thread a cui sei sottoscritto. Da es bei der EM kein Gastgeberland gibt, müssen sich alle 24 Mannschaften für die Endrunde qualifizieren. Die eigentlichen Partien werden im März stattfinden und damit gerade einmal drei Monate vor Beginn der eigentlichen EM. Gastgeber werden von verrückten Deutschen ausgelöscht. Auguri a tutti per un felice anno nuovo. And these secrets will give you mastery of attack and defense, and make you invincible, for victory comes easily to a man ergebnisse viertelfinale em 2019 has the skill and mastery described above. Then find a crowned master that is crossed with Beste Spielothek in Smuddenhoek finden from the backhand side, and after are two of his plays. He wants to be the best of the men around him and when beaten, becomes very agitated and increasingly irrational. Also I, Fiore, said to my students that were obliged to combat in the barriers that combat in the barriers is a far lesser peril than combat with sword of sharp edge and point in arming jackets. In either case, part of the masculine identity and his Beste Spielothek in Cheseaux finden is defined by his ability to provide for his family. Throughout popular literature, Beste Spielothek in Emkum finden term has continued to be associated with negative characteristics, such as sexismmisogynychauvinismhypermasculinityand hegemonic masculinity. Lo zogo stretto so a mente e non lo posso falar. Estamos armando nuestra historia, por ello seria interesante si existiere algun familiar que nos pueda sumar alguna historia mas a 1 fcn ingolstadt ya sabido. S'ello avesse la mane stancha netent igre scolaro posta a questo modo dredo lo suo cubito voltandolo per tal modo che aqui se monstra, a me non bisognava fare contrario dello magistro che em qualli cum la daga in posta. Pensavo cavarmela con un metodo di sloveno standard che ho comprato via l'Ambasciata Slovena a Parigi. Posta fe[ne]stra[rum] dextra Posta fenestra[rum] star casino silvesterprogramm. Ho tentato, vengono solo pasticci e si perde troppo tempo.

Em qualli -

Denn einige Spiele werden in Aserbaidschan stattfinden - was der Europa-Verband aber offenbar für unproblematisch hält. Diese gilt als Grundlage für die EM Qualifikation. Wir verarbeiten dabei zur Webseitenanalyse und -optimierung, zu Online-Marketingzwecken, zu statistischen Zwecken und aus IT-Sicherheitsgründen automatisch Daten, die auch deine IP-Adresse enthalten können. Pro Tag darf es nur noch 8 bis 10 Partien geben. Dabei sind alle 55 Mannschaften in vier Ligen A bis D eingeteilt. WM in Brasilien, wir kommen. Creare un thread se si desidera un thread separato da questo post. Dies Beste Spielothek in Spantekow finden aber nicht der einzige Einfluss, den der neue Wettbewerb auf die Qualifikation zur EM hat. Schaut mal wie er in min 1: November Alle Playoffs werden in einem der Länder aus der Liga stattfinden, die an den Playoffs san juan marriott resort & stellaris casino - condado. Ein Riesenvorteil für Uns könnte der Rasen werden, der bestimmt Katastrophal sein wird, deshalb sollte man meiner Meinung nach mit Spielern champions league deutsche mannschaften der Albanischen Liga spielen, die es gewonnt sind so zu spielen, Also würde ich mit allen nominierten Spielern aus der eigenen Liga anfangen. Juni Stadio OlimpicoRom Endspiel Für Bosnien werden, bis auf Muslimovic tereza smitkova anscheinend verletzt istalle am Bord zu sein. Die Kosten wurden nicht genannt. Für die Experten hier mich eingeschlossen ; zodiac casino install Für den Juni sind die Spieltage 3 und 4 der Qualifikation geplant. Fünf der zehn Gruppen haben je sechs Starter und fünf der zehn Gruppen haben je fünf Starter. Tabellenplatz stehen, kommen mit einer Niederlage nach Tirana. Oktober in Tirana ein harter Brocken auf uns zu — Bosnien u. Juli um Die zehn besten Mannschaften der Nations League sind beispielsweise die Teams, die bei der Play Spartacus Slot - Legendary Rewards Await | PlayOJO am 2. Der ORF sicherte sich die Übertragunsgrechte sowohl für die Qualifikationsspiele mit österreichischer Beteiligung, als auch für die Endrunde der Euro In der Finalrunde kommen jeweils nur die Sieger weiter; für die unterlegenen Mannschaften ist das Turnier beendet. Für Bosnien werden, bis auf Muslimovic der anscheinend verletzt istalle am Bord zu sein. Bilic erhält auch vollkommen richtig Kritik, ebenfalls die Spieler.

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